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Advertising Your Property

French Property Matters offers two high quality and distinct French holiday property letting services. Both of which reach across the world - all day - every day!

In addition, you will also benefit from our experience, knowledge and marketing programmes.

If you are unsure how to progress, or simply want to talk things through, we are always happy to discuss any points regarding our holiday property letting services with you and help find the best way to market your property.

At French Property Matters, we believe we offera cost effective and efficient services for holiday letting. Try us for your 2007 season.

Advertising only:

We will work with you to complete your property advertisement. We will load your advertisement onto the web site (including supplied digital pictures) and we will continue to amend details as required by yourself during the period.

When enquiries come in, they will be directly forwarded to you. If you would rather, we can telephone you and pass the information on.

To advertise on the French Property Matters web site costs only £50 per annum.

Enquiry Management:

In today's competitive market, Enquiry Management is by far the most successful and favoured route, especially for those who wish to maximize their return.

As with Advertising only, we will help you write your property details and load them on to our web site. But we will then go on to promote your property and then deal with all enquiries, bookings, contracts, invoices and payments.

The benefits include -

  • No set-up fees
  • Free property advertising on our web site
  • Extensive marketing of your property
  • Promoting your property (especially for any weeks when it is not booked)
  • Proposing your property when we get enquiries for properties that are already booked
  • Knowledge of the competition and what is offered
  • Making the booking, completing all contracts and collecting all monies

Our fees for Enquiry Management are between 15 and 19.5% of rental fees. The fee is dependent upon your desired letting season and the property itself.

So why not use our skills to get your property rented and take the pressure off of you.

If you want us to market your property or you would like any further information please click here.


Contact us should you be interested in using our services or partnering with our business.


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