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Buying and Renovating in France

Whether you are looking for a fun investment, a “bolt-hole” for later years or new start, owning a property in France can be both pleasurable and rewarding.

France still has a great many undiscovered areas and beautiful properties. It also has plenty of space to construct that perfect dream property; Prices too, are often a fraction of those in the UK and capital growth is almost assured.

Buying / Renovating at a distance can have its problems and be full of expensive surprises, especially when you add this to the fact that the laws are as different as the language; it really makes sense to have some wise, experienced and local support on your side.

French Property Matters brings you a wealth of experienced impartial advice, security and many likely savings. We know what's really involved. We know the questions to ask and what you need to consider before making a decision and making commitments.

Below is a breakdown of the services we offer in the areas of buying a property and renovating property.

Buying a property:

As we live in the Charente Maritime, we know what the area has to offer; which towns are large and lively and which villages are small and isolated. We can advise on such things as what activities are in the area and what helps a property rent out in the summer season.

Having been through the process a number of times, we are also able to assist you through every stage, from initial search, through to viewings, negotiation, purchase and completion. Knowing the process and speaking the language really helps a great deal.

We can also help you with property maintenance, marketing and letting of the property, should you wish.
The best properties do sell very quickly and as such we would suggest that you register below, so when a property comes onto the market we can send you the details first, in some cases, even before they appear locally.

click here and provide some simple information that will enable us to see your criteria and desired location to assist us in finding you the right property.

The Services we can assist you with include:

  • Property Search
  • Arranging and accompanying during viewings
  • Assistance with Travel
  • Details of areas and facilities
  • Relocation Services

Renovating a property:

At French Property Matters we are properly registered to complete renovation projects, however large or small. In conjunction with Artisans from the region we have completed a number of projects, from simple decoration to restoring old barns and turning them in to 5 star habitations with swimming pools.

This allows you the flexibility required to create your family's custom home of distinction. Your "Custom Home" possibilities are endless and we will be with you every step of the way. Our focus is helping you and your family realize your dream home.

Renovating a property in France needs careful consideration, as rules, requirements and costs are as different as the language. Completed correctly beautiful properties can be created and investment returns can be good. The team here will work for you, beginning with your site selection, the design of your custom home, all the way to completion of your dream.

We believe in a professional approach to constructing custom homes. We are professionals who specialise in meeting the housing needs of other professionals.

For all of our client projects, we set high standards for workmanship and work to the PRINCE2 methodology, we also implement strict budget controls to make sure prices don't escalate out of control. Further more we spend a great deal of time on-site to make sure things don't get missed or move away from plan; We also provide detailed regular project updates, which are inclusive of photographs.


Please click here and provide some simple information that will enable us to provide you with some tailored information about how we can assist you best.

The Services we can assist you with include:


Introductory meeting.

We will have an initial meeting with yourself to discuss your general requirements (Topics to include budget considerations, timescale, preliminary design ideas. etc.). Subsequent meetings during the planning stages will be arranged as necessary either face to face or by telephone, email or fax.


Planning authorities.

We can liase with respective town halls and government authorities where applicable and finalise the Preparation and Submission of planning applications and licences.

Appointing the tradesmen.

Although I am fully registered and insured to complete renovation projects, I work with numerous trusted builders/tradesmen (Artisans) and would be happy to recommend those with the necessary skills, equipment, manpower and financial stability to assist in the completion of your project.

Overall management.

The project will be continuously monitored from the date of our appointment until the project is completed. You will receive regular reports, these will be supported by photographs (via email).

Free estimate.

For a free, no obligation estimate of the overall cost of your proposed project please contact us, so that we can meet to discuss your exact needs.

Please click here and provide some simple information that will enable us to find you the right property or development details.



Please do not hesitate to contact us should you be interested in using our services or partnering with our business.

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